Is Your Video Monitoring System Perfectly Tailored for Your Organisation?

When you're in charge of a growing business, you will always be on the lookout for opportunities as you seek to expand and thrive. However, you must have a weather eye out for threats as well and unfortunately, these can come in all shapes and sizes today. You may have had a basic surveillance system in place for some time, but are you sure that you are adequately protected? Before you can choose the best type of CCTV system available, you have to be clear on your ultimate objective, so what do you need to consider?

Tailoring Your Choice

In the world of surveillance, one size most definitely does not fit all. There are so many different manufacturers in the marketplace, and they provide solutions that can certainly be more appropriate for one type of organisation than another. As you analyse your objectives, make a list of priorities and this will help you to make your choice.

Watching the Workers

For example, productivity may be more important to you than anything else. Perhaps you have particularly narrow margins in your industry and must ensure that people are pulling their weight at all times during the day. Consequently, you might need a system that can monitor operatives, line managers and supervisors and can provide you with timestamped information to help you make some changes, if necessary. This type of system should be readily identifiable as well so that people realise what's at stake.

Security Issues

Security may be more important to you than productivity, however, and you may want to make sure that your building is as protected as possible, out of hours. In this case, you will need a system that is able to help you identify people and provide proof that can be used in a court of law.

Some modern-day surveillance cameras are really sophisticated and can turn, tilt, zoom or pan as they gather granular detail. They may be able to do this automatically as the subject in question moves and without any input from any operative.

Privacy Concerns

Most of these systems are linked to storage devices but ask your lawyer to help you determine whether you are working within the letter of the law. People are becoming a lot more concerned about their privacy, and some stringent data protection regulations have recently come into place, as you may know.

Monitoring Systems

Finally, consider whether you need to monitor your systems in real time or not. This won't be necessary in the case of simple productivity, but from a security perspective, you may need some instantaneous action. You might like to introduce a monitoring service, or you can get a smartphone app that will prompt you in the event of an emerging incident.