How Something Relatively Simple Could Make a Significant Difference to Your Commercial Energy Costs

If you're in charge of making a commercial operation tick, you've got to be constantly on the lookout for cost saving measures and by all means have to keep a lid on your energy costs. You may be looking at supplier incentives, lower tariffs and other ways to manipulate your monthly bill, but you may be overlooking something relatively simple and something that could also help to keep your workers happy. Where are you missing out?

Being a Fan of Fans

The bulk of your energy bill is made up of heating and cooling costs, as you have to make sure that your workers are protected from the elements and as productive as possible. Yet have you outfitted your entire facility with the appropriate number of fans, as well? Many people overlook these, but they can have a significant effect on air circulation and your overall electricity costs.

Ceiling Fan Efficiency

When you've got ceiling fans fitted they will continuously push the air towards the ground and outwards towards the periphery. This will create a more comfortable working space and you can open the windows to allow this hot air to exit. Conversely, in the winter the ceiling fans will recirculate the hotter air that naturally rises towards them and keep the working space warmer. You will be able to turn the thermostat up, cutting down on your heating costs.

Exhausting the Air

In some environments it's important to keep air moving and to get rid of it, where contaminants, dust or fumes might build up otherwise. These fans are specifically made for the purpose and can be literally a life saver where contaminants could be in close proximity to workers. They are very efficient at "sucking" in all of the problem elements and can definitely make your environment a nicer place to be.

Can This Work for You?

Older facilities may not have any working fans and indeed may not have been designed to accommodate them in the first place. This certainly doesn't mean that you should overlook their benefits and you should bring in a commercial electrician to see how you could retrofit accordingly. The electrician may well be able to advise you about possible cost savings and how you can adjust the internal temperature of the building through efficient placing of fans. You can then project these potential savings through the rest of the year in order to see how important it is for you to take action.