3 Security Ideas That Are Not as Smart as They Might First Seem

Some security options just seem like a good idea, and they are. A good strong lock, an attentive watchdog, a basic security system—it can be difficult to find substitutes for these things. And yet there are some items on the market that purport to offer viable substitutes for the tried and true ways of protecting your home. Many of these items are not as smart as they might seem upon first thought. Fortunately, there are other choices, such as:

1. Fake Security Cameras

You might think that it's enough to give the impression of a security system without actually having one. This is why you can actually get dummy cameras to mount outside your home, generally by the front door. An intruder might think twice if they think they're being recorded. Of course, some intruders might be able to easily tell the difference between a real camera and a fake one.

The Alternative: Security systems are not prohibitively expensive, and a working system is infinitely preferable to a dummy system that doesn't offer any practical protection. Monitored video systems can become pricey, but any security company can install robust cameras that allow for self-monitoring. The camera is connected to your home internet, and with a smartphone app, you can check the video feed at any time you like.

2. Fake Rocks

A fake rock can seem like an ideal place to hide a key, but you have to consider the fact that it can very easily look fake. A solitary rock, or a rock that is unlike those around it can stand out like a sore thumb. Remember that these fake rock key holders are not exactly a secret, and so a potential intruder might easily spot the rock in question.

The Alternative: If lost keys are a regular occurrence in your household, why not do away with the need for keys? Replace your front door lock with a smart lock that can be unlocked using a smartphone app. You simply deactivate the lock on your phone and open the door.

3. Fake Dogs

A dog can be an effective deterrent when it comes to intruders attempting to gain entry to your home. If you want the effect of a dog without the actual dog, you might have considered one of those motion activated fake dog alarms. When someone walks into the alarm's field, it's activated and plays a recording of angry barking dogs, making it sound as though they're right on the other side of your front door. The immediacy and ferocity of the barking might sound a little fake, particularly if the alarm plays the same recording over and over again.

The Alternative: There's no substitute for an actual dog, although this is, of course, a large and ongoing commitment. Even a dog that might seem friendly can be a strong deterrent. The potential intruder won't know if the dog is going to be friendly or not! Perhaps home security is the excuse to get a dog that you've been waiting for.

It's important to be vigilant when protecting your home, and so choosing an ineffective type of security really can be unwise.