The Crucial Components of Any CCTV Alarm

Leaving your house can be quite difficult especially when you have just purchased that Ultra HD flat screen TV with all the latest features. You always experience some anxiety after locking the door. This is always followed by thoughts which make you wonder whether everything you leave behind will be safe. There is, however, a smarter solution which will give you ease of mind knowing that all your belongings are well secured. This is achieved by the use of CCTV alarms, which grant you the opportunity to record and monitor all the activities taking place in and around your home. The video surveillance ensures that your nerves are calm knowing that there is some security at home. The entire CCTV alarm is made of two essential components outlined below.

1. The Network Video Recorder (NVR)

This is a program that is used in the recording and storage of digital surveillance videos. The component uses a mass storage device which keeps all the recorded videos. It offers both high-definition viewing and recording at quite brilliant resolutions. The Network Video Recorder has the ability to save different videos according to the number of cameras being used. The software also allows for one to observe the activities in your property with the use of mobile phone applications. The entire system comes with adequate storage meaning it can record a lot of information before getting full. Once the recordings are stored, they can be accessed and used whenever video evidence is required.

2. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

The UPS is an electronic power supply component which provides electricity whenever the primary source fails. CCTV cameras have to work whether there is electrical power or not. Your security should not be compromised due to a simple power outage or other electrical problem. Apart from the provision of emergency power, the UPS systems also come with audible alarm functions which are used to indicate when there is a power outage. The component uses intelligent battery management which kicks in immediately the power goes off. Once the power is back on, the UPS will turn itself off and instead, proceed to charge automatically. The system does not require any monitoring as they work entirely by themselves. They also come equipped with protection from short circuits, low battery voltage as well as power surges. The USP is quite an important component as it ensures that you remain protected even without power.