Advanced features of new home alarm systems

Home alarms have come a long way since the early versions of the 1990s; older alarm systems consisted of a bunch of wires and a rigid, analogue control panel. Nowadays, alarm systems come with "smart connectivity", meaning that they can be controlled via Bluetooth signals or Wi-Fi signals from a mobile source. With this new feature, home alarms have been designed with multiple unique capabilities that make them easier to use for controlling and securing the home. Read More 

House Security: Three Crucial Tips for Choosing an Intercom System

If you are planning on enhancing your home security, you should consider installing an intercom system on your property. This setup is beneficial for a safe home because it will reduce the risk of breaches by unscrupulous individuals. In simple terms, the intercom can be used for two-way communication between guests and residents. Therefore, you can confirm the identity of visitors before opening the door. You should also note that the intercom system will enhance your convenience and comfort. Read More 

How Something Relatively Simple Could Make a Significant Difference to Your Commercial Energy Costs

If you're in charge of making a commercial operation tick, you've got to be constantly on the lookout for cost saving measures and by all means have to keep a lid on your energy costs. You may be looking at supplier incentives, lower tariffs and other ways to manipulate your monthly bill, but you may be overlooking something relatively simple and something that could also help to keep your workers happy. Read More 

3 Security Ideas That Are Not as Smart as They Might First Seem

Some security options just seem like a good idea, and they are. A good strong lock, an attentive watchdog, a basic security system—it can be difficult to find substitutes for these things. And yet there are some items on the market that purport to offer viable substitutes for the tried and true ways of protecting your home. Many of these items are not as smart as they might seem upon first thought. Read More 

The Crucial Components of Any CCTV Alarm

Leaving your house can be quite difficult especially when you have just purchased that Ultra HD flat screen TV with all the latest features. You always experience some anxiety after locking the door. This is always followed by thoughts which make you wonder whether everything you leave behind will be safe. There is, however, a smarter solution which will give you ease of mind knowing that all your belongings are well secured. Read More