The Many Benefits of Installing a Modern CCTV System

If you had CCTV installed around your residential or commercial property some time ago, you are probably resting easy each night, safe in the knowledge that if anyone enters the area and attempts to break into the building, they will be captured on video. However, if you had the CCTV installed years ago, you may be missing out on everything that a modern CCTV system can offer you. Check out the tips in the guide below.

Increased Memory

Older CCTV systems rely on analogue videotapes in order to capture and record the images filmed by the cameras. However, this form of media creates a number of problems. The first problem is that a standard tape can only contain a few hours of footage. If the tape is not manually replaced with a blank one, the CCTV images will stop being recorded. Replacing the tape can be time-consuming, and it is very easy for a member of your family or your workforce to forget to carry out this important duty. However, modern digital CCTV systems record the images to hard drives, which means you can enjoy increased storage capacity

High Definition Images

Over the past decade or so, the quality of the images produced by CCTV cameras has drastically increased. Older CCTV systems can often capture pixellated and unclear images. These images may not be clear enough to allow you or local law enforcement agencies to identify those who are captured in the CCTV images. Modern CCTV cameras can capture high-definition images which will allow you to clearly see anyone captured on the footage.

Night Vision

Older CCTV cameras tend to rely on other light sources in order to illuminate the area they are filming. While security lights may provide this, these may be targeted by the intruders. If the thieves disabled the security lights, it would be very difficult to see what is going on in the CCTV footage clearly. Modern CCTV cameras have night vision settings which will allow them to film in the darkness while clearly capturing the scene below.

Compact Size

Older CCTV cameras are large and bulky. This makes them stand out like a sore thumb on the side of any building. However, modern CCTV equipment is miniature in size which makes it easy to conceal.

If you would like advice about installing a CCTV camera system, you should contact a security company today for further information.